Michael Deitch, SOC
Steadicam & Arri Trinity 2

Any camera. Any shot.

The Right Tools

Moving cameras in the best way possible is my specialty and passion.

Steadicam with VOLT

The Steadicam is the tried and true method of moving a camera through a physical space. For those who have not yet experienced the Volt, this revolutionary technology is designed to complement rather than oppose normal operating by actively assisting in holding virtually any tilt or roll angle, including a perfectly level horizon. This gentle assistance helps remove the effects of wind, acceleration, or natural body movement in the captured image.

ARRI Trinity 2

The ARRI Trinity 2 offers unparalleled stabilization capabilities, creative freedom, and a robust feature set that enhances the overall filmmaking experience. Whether capturing action sequences, dramatic shots, or intricate camera movements, the Trinity 2 empowers filmmakers to imagine the impossible and bring their vision to life on screen.

Ronin 2

DJI brings a new level of power, precision, and simplicity to the new Ronin 2. The versatility of the system is what makes it perfect for tricky shots. Accessories include ease-of-life solutions to suit any camera build up to 30lbs. Available for personal hire.


  • The Next Generation

    ARRI Trinity

    New angles for the operator and new storytelling options for the director and cinematographer are possible with TRINITY.

Contact Me

Please call my agent Freddy at Russell Todd Agency for my rates and availability at 818-985-1130 or email rta@russelltoddagency.com