Michael Deitch
Steadicam & Ronin 2

Any camera. Any shot.


The Right Tools

Moving cameras in the best way possible is my specialty and passion.

Steadicam with Wave

The Steadicam is the tried and true method of moving a camera through a physical space. Capable of camera builds up to 55lbs, the Wave introduces a mechanically perfect horizon while maintaining the Steadicam look and feel.

Ronin 2

DJI brings a new level of power, precision, and simplicity to the new Ronin 2. The versatility of the system is what makes it perfect for tricky shots. Accessories include ease-of-life solutions to suit any camera build up to 30lbs. Available for personal hire.

Flowcine Black & Alphawheels

When mounted to a vehicle with the Ronin 2, the Flowcine Black Arm provides a platform to eliminate annoying bounces and vibrations. The Alphawheels give the operator the classic Gear Head precision which in combination with the Ronin 2 or Movi systems provide an excellent remote head set-up.

  • A complete package.

    Ronin 2 & Flowcine Black Arm

    Bringing a new level of camera stabilization, the Ronin 2 when paired with the Flowcine Black Arm gives your production an efficient and effective solution on the most challenging terrains.

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